Our tips to take care of roses

Our tips to take care of roses


and to have the maximum of pleasure with its bouquet of roses.

Here are our tips:

Do not leave roses without water!

The stems dry, the leaves sweat and the amount of water in the rose decreases. When you put the rose in the water, even cutting the stem, it does not absorb the whole. Some varieties are more sensitive to this phenomenon. To avoid any problem, it will be necessary that the rose remains only a little time out of the vase.

Before putting the roses back in the water...

Cut the stems, preferably at an angle, with a good knife, the scissor crushes the stems and the rose does not drink properly.

Do not hesitate to place your roses in warm water...

A rose will absorb faster hot water than cold...

Make sure the roses have enough water in the vase.

The best is to change the water every day and return cooler water thereafter.

Roses do not like drafts, being ready for heating, or direct sunlight behind a window.

These are their 3 biggest enemies! A rose where the sun hits, does not hold, despite all the care.

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